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TRICO Wiper Blades


Due to the fact that all blades come pre-assembled and are designed to match your vehicle's arm type exactly, TRICO Exact Fit wiper blades can be installed literally in seconds.  TRICO Exact Fit blades’ are constructed of all metal which supplies first-class in durability and strength. These superior blades will last longer than your original blades and are offered for practically all light trucks and automobiles. TRICO Exact Fit blades will also fit many class 6, 7 and 8 heavy-duty trucks. Lengths available range from 10" to 28".

The NeoForm model of wiper blade is TRICO's top-performing blade. The NeoForm provides a steady, level pressure across the whole wiper length for a constant, even wipe. The NeoForm fits almost any common vehicle and also comes with a cloth packet for blade cleaning.

Are you looking for a top-quality wiper blade constructed for street performance?  Well, Oktane street performance wiper blades have what you need.  These blades boast an all metal frame construction that contains an aerodynamic spoiler built in. They come with an already attached universal adapter to fit most compact, sport and other vehicles in the tuner and automobile/light truck markets.  The low-profile construction of Oktane blades’ are designed to reduce wind lift at speeds up to 115 miles per hour and run more quietly. TRICO Oktane wiper blades come in yellow, white, red, blue, chrome, and carbon fiber.  Lengths available:  24", 22", 20", 18" and 16".

In 1953, TRICO became the 1st manufacturer to construct and produce a wiper blade for winter. These winter wiper blades include a special boot of rubber for protection against ice and snow blade clogging.  This provides a steady, level pressure across the whole wiper length for a constant, even wipe to boost driving visibility. The included and attached universal adaptor fits ninety-five percent of vehicles right out of the box.  Lengths available: 11"-28".

The TRICO Classic blades are designed to fit cars that are at least 20+ years old. These vintage blades boast a silver, lustrous finish to mimic the original blades on many classic cars.  There are 5 different models in the TRICO Classic family which range in length from 10"-18".

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