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NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets

NGK leads the WORLD in spark plugs and spark plug wire sets for both original equipment and aftermarket applications.  We offer NGK spark plugs and wire sets for the following:

  • auto/light truck

  • powersports

  • auto racing

  • small engine applications

Look up your Car/Light Truck to find your NGK Plugs and Wires Look up your PowerSports application to find your NGK Plugs and Wires
NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets

These wire sets by NGK are quality constructed from superior materials for unmatched conductivity and noise suppression.  NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets provide precise original equipment fit and improved capabilities.  Their superior construction is unequaled.

Instead of using a galvanized steel terminal like our competitors, NGK Spark Plug Wires make use of a stainless steel terminal with three serrated crimps, while our competitors use only one crimp.

NGK Spark Plug Wire Sets have a corrosion resistant chromate retainer, which provides superior strength and also ensures a strong, long-lasting connection.

NGK Power Cables

The NGK Power Cable is built for performance.  These cables are especially designed with a super low resistance  to increase power in your performance vehicles. Use with the Iriduim IX spark plugs for a super power combination.   Because of their reduced voltage loss, expect to accelerate faster, idle more smoothly, and experience a clean fuel burn.  If your application requires coil wires, don't worry, they are included.

Use  ZO #1243776  when placing your order.

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