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T6 Cleaning Concentrate

Absolutely the Strongest Cleaner You'll Ever Use

Now, every cleaning chore – in the house, garage and yard – can be done with one concentrated cleaner. Introducing BriteSide T6 Cleaning Concentrate, a revolutionary new formula that tackles the toughest cleaning jobs, yet, when diluted with water, is safe and effective on nearly every surface or material. The name, BriteSide T6 (Task six) Cleaning Concentrate, represents six categories of application that encompass virtually all cleaning chores.

T6 Cleaning Concentrate is one of the new AMSOIL BriteSide line of strong and versatile cleaning products. Because BriteSide T6 is super-concentrated, it also offers savings. Water-based BriteSide T6 Cleaning Concentrate is biodegradable and an environmentally safe replacement for heavy-duty petroleum cleaning solvents. It ’s easy to clean up spills or dispose of BriteSide T6 – simply flush it down the drain with water.

Its powerful degreasing and defatting abilities enable it to dissolve diesel fuel, soot and oily deposits, grease and heavy grime, and virtually any stain from any surface – including cloth.

This new cleaner is the only one you’ll ever need to buy.


Pro-Formula Vinyl & Leather Cleaner Pro Formula Briteside Whitewall Tire Cleaner

Pro-Formula Vinyl & Leather Cleaner


Penetrates deeply into fabric pores to lift out imbedded dirt. Simply spray on, allow a minute or two to penetrate and loosen dirt particles, then wipe off with a damp cloth or sponge.

Product Code: PFC


Concentrated chemical cleaner penetrates deep to clean and brighten whitewall tires without the need for abrasive scrubbers or harmful bleaching agents. Also cleans fireplaces, tennis shoes, grills, boat bumpers, floor mats, exhaust soot and other heavily soiled surfaces. Great for ring-around-the-collar, too.

Product Code: PFB

Rain Clear Windshield Protectant

Pro-Formula Car Polish

Maximize visibility in all kinds of weather. Rain, snow and sleet is repelled off glass. Wind action of driving forces moisture off the windshield, giving a clear view of the road ahead.

Product Code: ARS

Click for larger imageAMSOIL Pro-Formula Car Polish goes on easy and produces a brilliant mirror-like shine with only light hand buffing. Provides UV protection to keep paint from fading. Safe for all types of paint, including clearcoat. Anti-static formula minimizes dust accumulation.

16-oz. bottle

Product Code: PCP     

Heavy Duty SCRUB Hand Cleaner With Pumice

BriteSide Scrub With Pumice
Works just like original Scrub when it comes to cleaning - with the added cleaning power of pumice. Cuts through grease, oil and dirt. Specially designed container is self-dispensing. Use with or without water rinse.

Product Sizes Include:

48-oz. Tub
48-oz. Tubs (case of 6)


Pro-Formula Vinyl & Leather Protectant Pro-Formula Metal Polish

Pro-Formula Vinyl Leather Protectant

Seals and protects vinyl, rubber, plastic and finished wood surfaces. Protects against fading, cracking, drying, deterioration and oxidation caused by exposure to the sun.

Product Code: PFP


Pro-Formula Metal Polish

Cleans, polishes and protects chrome, aluminum, brass and stainless steel surfaces. Forms a protective layer that inhibits future rust and oxidation.

Product Code: PFM

Try Miracle Wash on:

  • RV's

  • Bicycles

  • Motorcycles

  • Boats

  • Kitchen Appliances

  • Countertops

  • Windows

  • Mirrors

  • Desktops

  • Musical Instruments

We used the Miracle Wash on the motorcycle all year long. It was great for a quick wiping of the bike between track time and for promotional displays.

Canaan M. Manley
Backdraft Motorsports

Miracle Wash Aerosol Spray

Miracle Wash Waterless Wash and Polish Spray
This unique dry car wash and polish delivers outstanding performance and quick, easy and economical spray application. No water required. Incredibly easy to use: simply spray on, use a clean terry cloth towel to spread Miracle Wash and wipe clean with a second terry cloth towel. It's simply the fastest way to clean your vehicle. Specially formulated surfactants lift dirt and other particles from the surface of your car and hold them in suspension. Miracle Wash then acts as a shield, protecting the surface from abrasion while you wipe the dirt clean. Repels dust and light dirt particles and protects against the sun's ultraviolet rays.

Package sizes include:

13-oz. Spray Can
13-oz. Spray Cans (case of 6)
1-Quart Bottle
1-Quart Bottles (case of 4)

Miracle Wash Waterless Car Wash and Polish is now available in a convenient aerosol spray. No more applicator bottles. No more re-filling. And no more pumping.

Simply apply Miracle Wash using the aerosol spray can, work around with a towel and let the surface dry to a haze. Buff with a clean towel until the haze is removed and wipe away to leave your car with a fantastic shine and a super tough protective finish.

The active ingredients in the Miracle Wash formula are surfactants. These specialized chemicals not only lift the dirt off of the surface of your car, they also hold them in suspension while you wipe the surface clean. Throughout the process, Miracle Wash acts as a protective barrier between the dirt particles and the surface, protecting the finish from abrasion.

But Miracle Wash does more than just clean. Its specialized antistatic agents repel dust and light dirt, maintaining your car’s brilliant shine long after you’ve finished washing it. And Miracle Wash even protects against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Miracle Wash is highly effective on virtually all nonporous and painted surfaces. At home, at work or in the shop, Miracle Wash is the only product you need to keep surfaces looking clean and new.

Apply Miracle Wash with a convenient aerosol spray. Miracle Wash not only lifts the dirt off of the surface of your car, it also holds particles in suspension while you wipe the surface clean.

Specialized antistatic agents repel dust and light dirt, maintaining your car’s brilliant shine long after you’ve finished washing it. And Miracle Wash even protects against the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet rays.

Product Code: AMW


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